Our offer to use the ILIAS e-learning management system at points towards the future. We are using one of the world’s leading e-learning platforms (open-source product). With this e-learning concept we are offering you a way of participating in the development and use of modern media in teaching and in further education. To gain an impression of the e-learning platform, you should register free of charge. This will enable you to try out the functionality of the e-learning management system and the freely accessible study contents. This is possible at The teaching and study concept adopts a blended learning approach and thus allows users to work through the contents whenever and wherever they wish. The study contents are prepared for multimedia use on the e-learning platform and can be used by external users, such as trainees, students, lecturers and private individuals.

In addition to this, institutions such as vocational academies, universities, technical colleges may acquire licences for their users.

Our proposal is made up of four products, which we have described in detail in the following.

Test here your knowledge in Standardisation in Companies and Markets with our Multiple Choice-Tests for free.

Test for experts in standardisation - level: beginners

Test for experts in standardisation - level: advanced